The Perfect Pour Over

The pour over is a perfect way to get the most flavor from your coffee beans. This technique is a little more time consuming than using an automated drip coffee maker but I believe its worth the time. Its actually relaxing to spend 2-3 minutes making a perfect cup of coffee and makes it a more personal experience.

Equipment Needed


  1. A good manual dripper, I use the Hario V60 which has a nice conical shape and a perfect sized hole to allow faster extraction. 
  2. Conical paper filters 
  3. Source of hot water. I use an electric kettle that allows quick heating and easy to maintain
  4. A carafe or cup to collect the black gold!
  5. Optional equipment -
  • a pouring device, I don't think you need a fancy kettle but a long snout does provide better control while pouring.
  • Coffee grinder, we always recommend buying whole bean coffee and grinding it just before making coffee. Ideally you would want to use a conical burr grinder to get a nice even ground. We use the Baratza Encore which is relatively cheap and does a pretty good job.
  • A digital scale and thermometer can be used to get the exact weight of the coffee and the exact temperature of the water but that is probably only for coffee geeks like us. 

The Method

  1. Get the water to boil. Use one to three cups of water depending on how much beans you plan to grind.
  2. Grind one large tablespoon of good quality coffee beans or around 15gm per large cup of coffee.  I grind it smoother than what I use in a French Press. If you are using the Baratza, you can use size #15.
  3. Fold the seams of the paper filter and insert into the dripper. 
  4. Once the water gets to boil, place the dripper on your carafe or cup and pour a little of the water through the setup. This gets the filter wet and warms the dripper and cup. This step also removes the papery smell from the filter.
  5. Remember to throw away the water collected from the wash before the actual brewing. 
  6. Now pour the ground coffee in the dripper and tap it a couple of times to level it off.
  7. By this time the water should have been off the boil for a minute or so which is perfect. Start by pouring just enough water right in the middle of the ground coffee to get it all soaked. Wait for 10 seconds or so for the coffee to bloom. Here the coffee grounds will expand and release its flavors. The water will slowly drip into the carafe
  9. Continue poring water in a clockwise direction and soaking the grinds each time. Keep pausing between each set of pours and make sure not to pour water directly on the paper filter.
  10. This whole process should take between 2-3 minutes. 
  11. Thats pretty much it, you have a perfect cup of coffee. Remember, the used coffee grounds can be used for composting!
  12. Enjoy!!