• How is Kapi coffee different from store brand coffee?

Coffee at Kapi's is selected from the finest and freshest green coffee from all over the world. We carefully select raw coffee beans based on whats in season and what satisfies our unique profile. We then roast these in small batches to maintain its freshness. Remember once roasted, coffee starts losing its flavor almost immediately and should ideally be consumed in less than 4 weeks. Coffee found on store shelves are usually a lot older than four weeks.

Our promise is that we will only ship coffee that has been roasted in the last 48 hours.

  • What is Single Origin Coffee?

Similar to Single Malt Scotch, it refers to the fact that all the beans in that batch comes from the same origin - the geographic region and usually from a small set of coffee farms. Most "supermarket" coffees are a blend of lower grade coffees and some parts higher grade ones. Here at Kapi we do blends but we always mention what origin those blends came from and in most instances we try to showcase Single Origins that offer a more pure coffee drinking experience  

  • Why is Kapi coffee referred to as “Small Batch” and “Micro Roasted”?
Small batch and Micro roasting essentially means that we roast coffee in smaller quantities. This allows us to control the roasting process more efficiently, which in turn controls quality. This also ensures that you are getting the freshest coffee possible with barely any being stored.
  • What is the best coffee we have?

There is usually no such thing as best coffee. Coffee like most food products tastes different to different people. So while some prefer dark bitter notes, others prefer floral and fruity tastes. Coffee has more taste profiles than wine and is dependent on many factors.

  • How is one coffee different from another?
Coffee has many variables that contribute towards its taste and flavor. First, the origin has a lot to do with flavor, coffee takes on the flavors of the land and surroundings they grow in. While not all coffee from one region taste exactly the same, they do have some common characteristics. Coffee from central Africa – Ehtiopia, Kenya, Rwanda - have an acidic lemony flavor while coffee from central South America – Brazil, Colombia - have an earthy, mildly bitter chocolate taste. Coffee from south and east Asia like India and Indonesia have a more spicy taste profile.
The other important factor that affects coffee flavor is the roasting process. The roasting process caramelizes the sugars in the coffee bean imparting the sweet aroma and flavors. The roasting process takes the bean through a complex chemical reaction where many chemical components are either changed or lost. The temperature and variation during the process is part of what is called the “roast profile” which determines how the roasted coffee will taste like. Varying the roast profiles is what allows roasters play with different flavors with the same beans. 
  • How do I choose what coffee to buy?

If you haven’t had a chance to sample the Single Origin coffees that we have, you could take a look at the Flavor notes that are described in the coffee detail page for each coffee. The flavor notes act as a guide but remember everybody has a different palette so you might not get the exact flavor notes that we get but it should be in the same ballpark. Some of the characteristics like roast level, body and acidity are quite universal. 

  • Should I buy whole beans or ground beans?
We always prefer that you buy whole beans vs ground beans. Once ground, beans have to be used within less than a week ideally. Whole beans on the other hand retains flavor for up to four weeks. We also sell what we feel is one of the better entry level home grinders, the Baratza Encore
  • How should I make the coffee once I receive fresh Kapi roasted beans?
This again is a personal preference. We have provided the ways that we enjoy each kind of bean that we sell but feel free to experiment. We are espresso fanatics here so we try to make espressos out of all of our beans and blends. If you would like a nice cup of coffee and don’t mind the time and patience to hand brew it, we recommend the Hario V60 coffee dripper. 
  • How soon will I get my coffee? What is the shipping method?

We will ship the coffee within 24 hours of receiving the order and it will come by first class mail. So ideally you should get it in 3-5 business days.